Pooja Timings

» Mandir will remain open 365 Days

» Summer (April-September) 8.00 am      - 8.00 pm

» Winter (October - March) 8.00 am        - 8.00 pm


»  Deities

» Durga Mata

» Radhe Krishna

» Ram Darbar

» Shiv Panchayat


Durga Mata Mandir


The history of Hindu Society is traced back to the 1960’s , when some of the immigrants came to United States of America from India. With the memories of their motherland and its rich culture in their hearts, some families started meeting in their homes in the name of Lord Krishna. They    formed a Gita Society and met once a month at the home of a host family. They shared the recitation of Bhagvad Gita, bhajans

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